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Sacred Tapes
Archive Box #1, various artists. Hand made concrete block housing a set of the first six cassettes on Manchester based noise label Sacred Tapes. Small screen print detail on the lid, with card inserts. 
Wearing my winter jacket what’s goin on here

Wearing my winter jacket what’s goin on here

Anonymous asks: You're the most amazing artist I know

haha aw, thank you!


Elephant Butte Lake visiting my family, 2014



The Seal of the Friars Minor


The Seal of the Friars Minor



ANGEL OLSEN - Some Things Cosmic

yo how is this even real like i feel as if I’m floating on clouds. 


Rap is the best eMo music ever bc instead of being sad you’re just fuxkin bad as hell.

Rap is the best eMo music ever bc instead of being sad you’re just fuxkin bad as hell.

flower power won’t stop fascist power. 



"The Epidermis". 2013. Set of 3 boxes with mixed media, holding an edition of 7 lithographic zines. The print was printed on standard 22x30 sheets of Rives BFK and Arches 88, then folded into a single-page format zine.

Student work by Jessica Caldwell 

Read a few articles about Tracey Emin stating that art is both her husband and child and because of this, she never married or had children. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit since I read it a few days ago. 


Days/adventures with mishakhophoto during my artist residency. 

Yashica t4

Kodak Portra 400

(Source: alice-fernandez)


recap. went to hydepark. no real convos as we posted up people were reading. decided to try our luck with a jerk chicken joint across from kenwood to see if we could window our misogyny one. reality check. black woman read it quick an said naw…really disappointed but thats how it is. onward. for those of you new to what we are doing h


This is my neighborhood!!


i feel like i may be one of the very few people that feel this way - that if we are to use the tools of the past, that we should push them to their very limits as a nod of respect to those that came before us. i mean that generally, but more specifically i’m looking at flickr right now and there’s so much lo fi film stuff and that all just pisses me off so much - like it enrages me. a lot of really, really smart people (scientists, engineers, chemists, artists, whatever) pretty much devoted their lives to pushing the medium of photography forward for the better part of the last 160 years - and in that time film or emulsion was the dominant medium - and i just feel like we’re shitting all over the past to reduce it to an embracement of its inherent flaws. it really, really makes me angry. i don’t care what you do with the past, or the recent past, destroy it, rehash it now, it’s cool - and i think it’s more relevant to us - noise in the digital camera says much more to us as digital natives than grain and soft focus does.

i don’t know.